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How to make FIFA cards

In this tutorial, I will show you how to make FIFA cards from our PSDs. It might seem simple, but some simple tricks will take your cards from average to professional looking.

Editing name and rating

This is the easiest part of the card making and is really straightforward; edit the rating, position and name as you do with any other text; there is no special tricks required here.

Changing Nation and Club

To edit the club and nation, navigate to the Club & Nation folder. You can see a small preview image next to the layers and change the club or nation. Just double-click on that preview image. By doing so, you are opening up a smart object. A smart object has a wide array of features and perks, for example, the one we are using us of in this case. You can independently edit the layer inside a smart object in a separate document. Look through the folders to find the club or nation of your choice. For the clubs, they are sorted into their respective leagues, and for the nations, they are sorted in alphabetical order.

Changing Stats

Changing the stats is slightly more tricky than changing the rating, position and name. To make sure that the positioning of the stats is correct and stays the same, change the stats individually, as shown in the video. Do not delete all the stats and then fill them in.

Adding the render

Adding the render is the most essential thing to make a card look professional. Put the render into the renders folder that’s inside the first renders folder. If you want to know how to make the render look better, read our article on Camera Raw. The render should be a manageable size, the size of the render in the video is similar to how EA size them.