Mass bidding is a simple but very effective way to make coins, here’s a text guide & a video guide!

Mass bidding is similar to sniping but instead of searching for a card for a lower buy now , you bid so you find a player or groups price then go through and mass bid on loads of cards at once so your atleast make 100-300 coins per card, yes per card this won’t bring in more than sniping as when sniping you’re looking for 500-1k on low budget cards profit per card but ur only getting a few cards whereas in mass bidding your getting a whole load of cards at once so it ends up being a lot more profit


Some examples would be finding the cheapest buy now of a player and mass bidding 8% below that price so you are making profit (REMEMBER 5% TAX!). Some example players are futbin popular players find them here -> https://www.futbin.com/popular Another example would be bidding on fodder 8% below it’s lowest bin for example if 86’s were 13k you would bid 8% below that. Find fodder prices here -> https://www.futbin.com/stc/cheapest