What is oop? When a certain card of that player goes oop. In this case with promo cards they go oop when the promo ends. When the card goes oop the supply of that cards drops because people can’t pack it no more and if the demand is still there/stays the same the card will rise as the demand outweighs the supply.

Best time to buy During lighting rounds for that promo deals will come about so you want to buy at the cheapest price they have been while in packs.

My favourite promos Totw oop investing is my all time fav as you can do it every week and it ends on Wednesday so theres no new proper promo coming straight after which will cause panic.

Risks Say there’s a new promo coming straight after that card going oop if there’s a card in that promo thats a better replacement than that card the card will drop in price but will rise if there’s no cheaper/better replacements. Luckily we have leaks now so we can judge whether there will be replacements.


Flipping is trading of fluctuations of cards. The card needs demand to have fluctuations. It will have fluctuations because some hours people are buying and some their not. Cards need to fluctuate enough for profit ao around 12% fluctuation throughout the day is perfect.

How to do it? So you wanna buy at the lowest point of fluctuation tat card goes to then immediately list for the high price and keep relisting so yu atc the spike rater than keep watching the price of the card. And you might get a lazy buyer.

Key times

6-8pm is the best time to buy as depending on content the market can go down due to promo packs etc and brings good snipes and bidding becomes good.

8-12pm the cards start to rebound if there’s no major panic in the market.

12pm-5am market dips due to eu sleeping normally a great time to buy in the dip then sell when eu wakes up (5am-11am)

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